The Cuckou 3D Bralette is a design inspired by Mormon Butterflies. These butterflies are known for their bigger size and tale-like wings. The unique elegance of the Cuckou Bralette will add beauty to any outfit, and can be worn on top of shirts as well as underneath, like a hidden treasure.



3D Print & Product Information


The pattern of this product is 3D printed with recyclable TPU filament on top of nylon tulle. This new and innovative technique brings the possibility of creating one-of-a-kind designs that are else not possible to obtain with a 3 dimensional character.


It is possible to ask for a variety of colors for the tulle. We can try to find you the right skin-color tulle fabric if you would like too. Add any requirement on the 'Note' section when placing your order.

Cuckou 3D Bralette black

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  • The product can be easily hand-washed with water only. We would suggest to avoid spraying perfume onto the 3D printed parts.